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Pollution Studios is a full service stage and equipment rental facility, located just outside downtown LA. Full service means anything is possible, regardless of budget size. Let us know what you need and we will help you make it happen.

Hot Wheels: Build the Epic Stunt

Episode 1 of a show I directed for Hot Wheels just launched on their digital channels. Rad kids building impossible car stunts while the Pollution Studios team runs around like kids in a candy store. This one was fun!


There is nothing better than bring your dog to work day! We teamed up with Peta, had some awesome rescue dogs come through the studio to make some cupcake dog treats and got it all on video! 

VHS and Chill?

No Netflix and chill today its all about that VHS and chill. We had 5,000 VHS tapes brought in to recreate video rental store. Along with those 5,000 VHS tapes we also had Judah Friedlander, Kate Micucci, and Kate Flannery on set of the Main Stage to film: Apocalypse Video. 

Nickelodeon Slime!!

It was a busy and slimy week at Pollution Studios. We had two different productions in the studio to shoot slime videos for Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards.  There was everything from slime cannons to laying down and making slime angels. 

Whiskey Kisses

Had a fun weekend with the Mic Lowry crew from Liverpool coming into the studio for some music video madness for their new hit song Whiskey Kisses. 

Veggie Grill

Some of the Pollution team and NFL player David Carter took a field trip to Veggie Grill to eat delicious veggie burgers. David Carter was really hungry and ate a total of 10 burgers! Here is a behind the scenes look at all the action. 

Breakfast in Bed

Last week we got to make a cooking show with Follow Your Heart and we didn't even have to get out of bed! Check out Spork Foods and Mercy for Animals founder Nathan Runkle as they hangout and make some pretty dope VeganEgg breakfast sandwiches. 

Vegan Yack Attack Video

We worked long and hard on this video and we are excited it's finally out! We took some incredible dishes from Jackie Sobon's new cookbook Vegan Yack Attack, hooked a bowl up to an air cannon, then filmed the explosions with 2 phantom cameras shooting 1000+ frames per second. Because food always looks better in super slow motion.  Special thanks to PETA, So Delicious, and VeganFoodShare for all the support!

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