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Pollution Studios is a full service stage and equipment rental facility, located just outside downtown LA. Full service means anything is possible, regardless of budget size. Let us know what you need and we will help you make it happen.

main stage

Our primary stage, equipped with all of the amenities of a Hollywood studio at a fraction of the price. The main stage has a built in cyc wall, and is equipped with a lighting grid, air conditioning and up to 600amps of electricity. We also offer discounted rentals on our in-house grip, lighting and production supplies with stage rentals.


  • 2925 ft² of stage space (65’ x 45’)

  • white cyclorama 27’ wide, 24′ deep, 18′ tall

  • lighting grid 13’ over stage, 16’ over cyc

  • 400 amps cam-lok (extra power available per request)

  • air conditioning available (additional charge)

  • elephant door access, accommodates a car (10’ tall x 9’ wide)

  • 2 hair/makeup rooms

  • 2 green rooms

  • fully equipped kitchen

  • gated parking lot

  • free wifi

base rate: $1350/day

  • includes on-site stage manager

  • based on a 13 hour day (first in, last out)

  • overtime (billed by the .5 hour) $200/hour

  • includes use of kitchen, green rooms, hair and makeup rooms, parking lot

  • includes 100 amps of house power and 400 amps of cam-lok power. More power is available as per request

available add-ons:

  • air conditioning $75 per unit

  • large production office $300/day

  • 5 ton stage air conditioning service – $100/day

  • cyclorama floor painting – $150 (white)

  • production supplies + catering tables (see gear page)

please note:

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